What is the first letter of the word "skater?"

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Our studio has welcomed many a traveling soul along their competitive journey, beginning their custom skate metamorphosis here with a foot casting. Others can deliver blades for a thorough technical reworking to bring world class efficiency to their skating movements. Or maybe it's just a quick hello to peek behind the curtain and see how simple static materials morph into mighty Olympic weapons.

With a call or email we can set aside an appointment in our studio for a consultation and foot casting. For those unable to visit us here in our studio we typically travel to several National, World Cup and World Championship events every season and can meet personally to answer questions or create a foot casting. Our Facebook page will detail our current travel plans and display recently completed skate and equipment designs, training and racing journeys, and anything else timely that attempts to escape our grasp. Please visit us on Facebook at Marchese Racing and let us know your thoughts!

Thank you!