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Paul Marchese

2002 & 2006 Olympic Team
Skate Technician
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Your eyes are on a precious piece of real estate in front of your opponent. As you accelerate past the inside, your eyes fixate on the oncoming blocks when you realize your opponent does not share your desire to be in the lead as the "door" closes. You aim for an insanely small space between your opponent and the blocks, and you plant your right foot. Your speed is too high as you lean in at some impossible angle, left hand touching down when the g-forces push the blood from your brain down to your toes. For a brief moment your defie the laws of physics and time stands still. You wait for the inevitable fall as payment for your overly zealous move, but instead, you rocket out of the turn even faster. Your adrenalin rush says you've cheated fate, but your mind says let's do it again!

Welcome to Marchese Short Track skates; so efficient in design, so meticulous in construction, so ruthless in performance. They should be illegal. Lucky for you they are not!

Tremendous attention is paid to create a precise custom casting from which a completely hand fabricated boot emerges. An extremely close and precision fit is the result, providing unequalled fit and control that is perfectly tailored to each individuals' needs.  Our design is legendary.  Our fit i legendary.  Our results are legendary.  Are you ready to write your own piece of history? 



There is simply no substitute for a precision feel and absolute control when it comes to short track.  The skate needs to be a precision instrument, not only to allow you to apply your strength and technique onto the ice, but also to communicate the changing conditions of the ice back to you.  This two way converstaion occurs with every step, of every lap.  Every imperfection of the ice must be understood and action undertaken.  Once action is needed it must happen NOW.  Changing ice, elusive competitors, and your own ambition converge instantaneously every millimeter around the track.  No movement, no energy, no thought must be lost to ensure success.

It's easy to think that all skates should look this way, or be built this way.  All skates look this way because this design began here at Marchese and has been utterly dominant.  But like a ten dollar Rolex watch, looks can be decieving.  Imitating our design however misses the point entirely, the real magic lies in our unique fit and fabrication to deliver a "feel" that provides unsurpassed feedback.

  • Light weight leather lining enhances fit and reduces weight.
  • Light synthetic leather outer increases durability and reduces weight.
  • Heat-moldable padding increases comfort and control while reducing weight.
  • Lighter weight carbon fiber and resin composite reduces weight and increases stiffness.
  • Extra stiff composite insert in the sole increases torsional rigidity and reduces weight.
  • Aircraft grade aluminum mounts to reduce weight and increase strength.
  • Double Velcro straps over lace closure to fine tune your fit..
  • Higher cut leather upper with tapered stiffness for amazing support and control
  • Heat moldable thermo foam tongue provides greater comfort and "feel" at high speed.
  • Lace cover keeps laces tucked in and water out

All the best materials in the world mean nothing if they are not brought together by intelligent design and superior fit to provide the control necessary to win.  Our proprietary foot casting process and carbon fiber construction techniques create a super lightweight precision wrap of your feet that has no equal.  Nothing in the world is lighter. Nothing in the world provides greater control. Nothing in the world wins more races. Are you Ready?

Paul Marchese

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