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2002 & 2006 Olympic Team
Skate Technician
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ROAD WARRIOR - Outdoor In Line

Slay all the pretenders with the original custom in-line boot. This is the one that has inspired a parade of wanna be's. Don't be fooled.  Virtually every race in every corner of the world has been won on our custom inline boots.  Indoor, outdoor, spirnts, marathons, road, track; countless World Championships, Pan-American Championships, National Championships, World Teams, and Professional Teams.  We have been there.  When other boot companies were looking in the dictionary to see what "carbon fiber" was, Marchese was winning World and Pan-American titles, setting the performance and design standard that continues to this day.  With more experience than all other builders combines, the highest degree of control can only be achieved with a precision fit.

Step into unequaled fit and comfort and use your existing boots for their true intended purpose: door stops.

  • Choice of boot heights
  • Choice of carbon stiffness
  • Integral lace cover
  • Fully padded, including sole, if desired
  • Exposed achilles pad
  • Heat moldable thermal tongue for comfort
  • Choice of zero, one or three velcro straps

Paul Marchese

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