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2002 & 2006 Olympic Team
Skate Technician
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REVOLUTION - Indoor Inline

Very similar to the custom Short Track Ice boot, but customized for the special needs of the indoor inline skater.

Many National championships and National records have been achieved using this skate. The highest degree of control can only be achieved with a precision fit.

Skaters are often amazed at what they once thought was a good fit of their old skates after stepping into one of our custom inline skates. Degree of boot stiffness and choices in padding combined with our legendary fit allows every technical input from your brain to reach your wheels. Your control does not get "lost in the translation" as is the case with ill-fitting, overly padded, poorly designed stock or custom boots.heavy stock boots.

As the oldest custom inline skate builders in the world, our performance and design continues to set the standard.

  • Double Velcro straps over lace closure to fine tune your fit..
  • Extra-stiff carbon sole and counters
  • Higher cut leather upper with tapered stiffness for amazing support and control
  • Heat moldable thermo foam tongue provides greater comfort and “feel” at high speed.
  • Lace cover keeps laces tucked in
  • Choices in padding
  • Exposed Achilles Pad
  • Choices of threaded or slotted frame attachment mounts

Paul Marchese

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