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2002 & 2006 Olympic Team
Skate Technician
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The number one choice among U.S. long track olympic medalists in Nagano '98, Salt Lake City '02, and Torino '06  began with development in 1996 on a long track skate for the U.S. Team aimed at reducing weight to improve start and lap times. Sounds simple, right? What began as a modest attempt to trim a few grams off our World Championship winning long track skate resulted in a completely revolutionary new design, new higher grade aerospace materials, and new construction methods, all aimed at creating a new standard for long track's high speed future. With a clean sheet of paper, we designed and built a skate that shatters the archaic notions of what a long track skate can be.


This is the skate that awoke long track from it's 100 year slumber. Unique flex patterns in the carbon fiber enable proper straight away edging and performance and provide unsurpassed control in the corners.

The color continues to drain from the faces of other skate manufacturers as they pick up the Olympic SL in disbelief, as if we performed some slight-of-hand magic. Lightweight does not mean fragile however, it means that we have used higher grade carbon fiber and synthetic materials and crafted them with greater precision to put more strength where you need it and trimmed weight where you don't want it. The Olympic SL, is half the weight of a typical long track skate and like a track running shoe, reduces fatigue and allows quicker starts and lap times.

The Olympic SL uses new superlight synthetic materials inside and out with a heat moldable foam interior and semi-rigid moldable tongue. We would say they "fit like a glove", but we don't think gloves fit well enough. Our Olympic SL looks and feels like they're painted on your feet. With the right blend of stiffness and flexibility, your confidence and control is assured.

Like our short track skates, our long track skates have re-defined what a "standard" long track skate is. Every skate manufacturer in the world has since "borrowed" the design of Marchese skates, but like a discount rack designer suit, looks can be deceiving. Our proprietary foot casting process and carbon fiber construction techniques creat a super lightweight precision wrap of your feet that has no equal. Machined aircraft grade aluminum mounts provide a positive and secure attachment of your blades to provide unmatched control and "feel" on the ice. 

  • Any combination of boot height and stiffness
  • Carbon fiber counter and sole with variable flex pattern
  • Lighter more pliable leather/synthetic uppers
  • Custom built to accommodate any Clap blade setup
  • Windproof aerodynamic zipper lace cover

Control.  Domination will belong to those skaters who can exploit the high speed corners in this new era of long track.  The escalating speeds continue to redefine the sport, stepping gently thru the corners hoping to simply stay on your feet will not suffice.  You must be confident to attack.  Confident to lean into the corner and drive every last breath from your body down into the ice.  Confident to maintain your composure as fatigue envelops your body and lactate spills from your ears.  You need control.  Control means a sprinter can attack a high speed inner.  Control means an allrounder can relax more in his 5K.  Control means a marathoner can change speed and direction to attack when his competitors are struggling.  Control = Confidence = Speed.

As the sports most experienced custom skatemaker in the world with thousands of skates worldwide, each individual skate is handcrafted around custom molds made exclusively by Paul Marchese.

Paul Marchese

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