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2002 & 2006 Olympic Team
Skate Technician
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Competition at the highest level in sports demands the maximum from an athlete. Dedication, sacrifice, and perseverance, define the unyielding commitment necessary to climb to the top in the sport of speedskating. Athletes demand the best not only of themselves, but also of all others around them, coaches, trainers, even family and friends. Athletes demand the best of their equipment as well. Skates are the final pieces of a very complex puzzle that when put in place completes a picture of remarkable efficiency, grace, power and precision. It all looks so effortless to the uninitiated. The years of sweat and effort are all but invisible.

Marchese custom skate boots provide that link from your body and mind to the ground, creating a seamless transition of your mind's will and your body's movements. Every nuance of technique is instantly applied; every imperfection under your feet is read and understood as thru the trained fingertips of a safecracker. Your skates are no longer attached to your body, they are your body.

After over 30 years involvement in speedskating, I am still amazed at the evolution of speed and efficiency on display and the tremendous skill and power necessary to achieve it. My time in the sport as competitor, coach and skate builder continually shapes my thoughts and skills when I design and fabricate the equipment that bears my name. I continue to skate and race to test new refinements and compare notes with the best skaters in the world to keep on providing the finest equipment possible.

I typically attend world cups and world championships and the U.S. championships every year to both fit new boots and provide technical support for those already happy clients. Any fitting and molding is done by me personally to eliminate the errors made and the resulting poorly fitting products that are all too common from others. After 20 years in business I have probably personally fitted more skaters than all other builders combined and I don't underestimate the valued contribution this has provided me in seamlessly evolving Marchese custom boots with the insights of literally hundreds of world-class athletes over the years. I thank all those that have trusted us with helping them pursue their dreams. Let us help you pursue yours.

All of our custom boots feature:

·         Proprietary true monocoque hand laminated Carbon/Kevlar/Epoxy structure with choice of stiffness

·         Kevlar/Leather/synthetic lamination provides a stretchproof and cut resistant upper  

·         Fully integrated shoelace enclosure

·         Synthetic outer and full grain leather lining

·         Thermofoam padded tongue with choice of stiffness

·         Integral aircraft grade aluminum mounting surfaces with choice of threaded or slotted attachment.

·         Key areas of boots are thermo formable for an ultra precise final fitting

·         Bolts, washers & wrench for attachment of blades/frames.

·         Custom foot casting done by Paul Marchese personally


58 Olympic Medals, 100's of World Championship medals, and over 1000 World Cup Medals so far.  Our race proven equipment has captured many Olympic Gold medals, World and World Junior Championships and World Cup Championships, Pan-American Championships, Senior and Junior National Championships with countless Olympic and World records along the way. Serious skaters have long recognized custom built and fitted boots as the most critical piece of racing equipment they will ever own. With over 30 years experience, Marchese custom boots continue to provide unsurpassed quality and workmanship, incorporating the finest materials and components with revolutionary design and construction, setting the standard for excellence with the strongest, lightest, finest fitting  boots on the planet.

Foreign Teams from Bulgaria, Canada, China, England, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Korea, Netherlands, Norway, and Russia are among those that choose the uncompromising performance and precision fit our products.  Over the past twenty years, World Championships have been won in every discipline of speedskating on MARCHESE skates: long track, short track, roller speedskating, a feat unequaled on any other equipment, ever. World class performance, hand crafted in the U.S.


Delivery for boots range from as little as 2 months to more than 1 year. Delivery schedule for 2011/12 season is booked.

Paul Marchese

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