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SRP $725


Custom fit for the masses

When I began building my first custom pair of boots, one thought was in my head:  “I wish I could get the fit and performance I am looking for without building it myself, can’t somebody else do it?”  The answer was “No”; no one else could do it.  So, like many other things in life, necessity was the mother of invention and Marchese custom boots were born.

History tends to follow patterns and now I find myself at a familiar crossroads.  Many aspiring skaters approach me and ask for equipment advice and inevitably inquire about boots.  When asked to recommend an alternative to a custom boot I must in turn ask the athlete to make many compromises when they are confronted with the inadequate performance and poor fitting alternatives.  There must be something better.  Can’t somebody else do it?  Again, the answer was “No”.  And so, the Marchese ONE was born.

Marchese ONE is a high performance precision tool, designed for one purpose only: provide an unequalled level of fit and performance for the short track world.

Carbon fiber construction with a thermo sensitive matrix allows a custom fit to be tailored to the individual.  Unique dual slotted blade mounts allow fore/aft adjustments for precise blade positioning.  Variable density padding enhances the fit without excess foot movement and loss of any tactile feel on the ice.  Lightweight synthetic micro fiber construction, dual strap and zipper enclosure complete the package.

Something better has arrived.  Somebody has done it.  There can only be ONE.

Sizes from 34 to 45.  

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